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Only $9.99/month
First 3 months. Regular price : $21.99/month
Unlimited calls anywhere in your province

Includes these popular features:
  • Voicemail

  • Call display

  • Call waiting

Also includes:
  • Caller ID block

  • Call forwarding

  • Call return

  • Call screening

  • Do not disturb

  • 3-way calling

  • Voicemail to email

  • Web portal

  • E911 service

  • Find me/Follow me


Add a long-distance plan

Calls in North America

Installation and activation fees

New customers do not pay installation or activation fees.

Fees for existing Xplore customers :

Installation fees : If done by a certified technician


Installations fees : If done by the client


Activation fees


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How does home phone service work?

1. Xplore’s home phone is an IP telephone system.

This means that Xplore Internet service is required for the phone service to work. We therefore install a telephone modem on your Xplore system. This means you can keep your telephone handsets and even your telephone number.*

2. What happens if my Internet is out of order or if there is a power failure?

This is the only inconvenient aspect of IP telephony. Your home phone will be out of service for the duration of the power failure. You will therefore need your cell phone to make calls during this period.

3. Does an IP telephone system use much Internet data?

No, your telephone system requires very little monthly Internet data. There is no need to change your Internet plan when you add home phone. In fact, it’s possible to talk on the phone for about 37 hours with one gigabyte (GB) of Internet data.

4. Are fast speeds required for a telephone conversation?

No, Xplore’s telephone system requires very little speed. It’s therefore possible to take calls even at very low speeds.

5. Where do I check my voicemail messages?

Your voicemail can connect directly to your home phone and to your email. You’ll never miss an important call.

Instructions :

To access your voicemail with your handset, simply press *98 and enter your password (PIN). The default password (PIN) is: 1234

Yes, a feature allows you choose the number or rings, between 4 and 6, before voicemail is reached.

Instructions :

To set the number of rings to 4, press *94 on your handset.

To set the number of rings to 5, press *95 on your handset.

To set the number of rings to 6, press *96 on your handset.

6. Is it possible to set the number of rings before voicemail is reached ?


7. Can I forward a call to another number?

Yes, the calls received with your Xplore home phone can easily be forwarded to your cell phone or to another phone.

Instructions :

To enable call forwarding, press *72

To disable call forwarding, press *73

To enable forwarding to voicemail when busy/no answer, press*90

8. Can I block the display of my number when I make a call?

Yes, you can block the display of your number for a specific call or all the time. Therefore, people who have a call display device will not see your telephone number when you call.

Instructions :

To enable Call ID Block for a single call, press *67 before dialling.

To enable Call ID Block indefinitely, press *81.

9. Where do I to manage the features? 

Xplore’s Web site has a tab under which you can access all your account information. 

Instructions :

A) Go to the MyXplore section at and click on My Account Login.

B) Enter your username and password and click on Login.

C) Under Customer Quick Links, click Manage Home Phone Features to view or update the settings for features such as:

- Voicemail (including Voicemail to email)

- Call forwarding (including Find me/Follow me)

- E911 address updates

10. Can I access my voicemail remotely? 

Yes, you can access your voicemail using any telephone.

Instructions :

A) Dial your 10-digit phone number.

B) At the greeting, press the # sign and enter your 4 digit password (PIN).

If you need more information, please contact one of our agents at 1.866.632.0868. You can also refer to the instruction manual provided with your Xplore home phone station.

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