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To be eligible for the credit, you must be a current Xplornet client and the new client must sign up** for a limited time ***

Contact one of our agents at 1.866.632.0868 to take advantage of this offer!

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*    To receive your free router, you need to subscribe to at least two (2) services (Internet, home phone, satellite TV) with Total            Telecom. The free wireless router is worth $78 plus tax. The promotion is available for a limited time and subject to change at        any time. Quantities are limited. Communicate with one of our sales representatives at 1.866.632.0868 for more details or to        subscribes to the services.

**   Limited time offer. To receive the $50 credit (Reg. $25) on your account, you need to be a current Xplornet client in good              standing and not a dealer, installer or employee of Xplornet Communications Inc. The new customer (“referral”) must sign            up by January13th 2019, and maintain Xplornet customer status for more than 30 days before the credit can be applied to                the referring customer’s account. For more details, visit Contact one of our            representatives at 1.866.632.0868 to get more details. 

*** Clients that sign up for the Anywhere bundle receive a one-time $50 credit on Xplornet’s 3G, 4G or LTE Internet service. To            be eligible for this bundled offer, the client must have a prior agreement with Xplornet and Shaw Direct. The client must be            a new Xplornet client and their service must be active on in order to be eligible for this offer. New clients are defined as clients that have activated their Xplornet service within the 30 days that follow. The client has a total of 60 days (including the 30-day reimbursement period) to get their service activated and approved by Shaw Direct from th date of activation of their Xplornet subscription.