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Adding additional channels 

Add specialized channels to your programming

Life Style ($6.00/month)

Fun Stuff ($6.00/month)

Prime Time ($6.00/month)

Real Life ($6.00/month)

Smart Stuff (6.00 $/mois)

Smart Stuff ($6.00/month)

FYI ($6.00/month)

Cool Stuff ($6.00/month)

Your Life ($6.00/month)

HD Plus ($6.00/month)

HD Extra Lite ($3.99/month)

HD Extra ($6.00/month)

HD Combo ($10.99/month)

Actif ($6.00/month)

Famille ($6.00/month)

Nouvelles/Cultures ($6.00/month)

Rendez-vous ($6.00/month)

Variété ($6.00/month)

Hollywood Suite ($4.99/month)

The Movie Network ($19.99/month)

Super Channel ($19.99/month)

RDS + TVA Sports (Choose both for $14.00/month)

Choice 1 : RDS ($8.00/month)

Choice 2 : TVA Sports ($8.00/month)

Sports Net World ($6.00/month)

More Sports ($14.00/month)

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